Contrary to popular belief and what you hear in the mainstream media, the most recent numbers released by federal bankruptcy courts show that bankruptcy filings are actually down 14% from last year. For more information, please see http://news.uscourts.gov/bankruptcy-filings-continue-decline.

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    In addition, I would just like to share that the bankrupt will have to pay income contributions if his or her income is above a certain threshold. The threshold is indexed biannually in March and September, and varies according to the number of dependants the bankrupt has. The income contributions liability is calculated by halving the amount of income that exceeds the threshold. If the bankrupt fails to pay the contributions due, the trustee can issue a notice to garnishee the bankrupt's wages. If that is not possible, the Trustee may lodge an Objection to Discharge, effectively extending the bankruptcy for a further five years.
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