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Adequately prepare for retirement.  Many people who live on fixed income find it very easy to qualify for bankruptcy because they can barely pay their rent, let alone their basic monthly cable bill. 

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Create an emergency fund that consists of at least 6-9 months worth of living expenses.  In this economy you may not know from one day to the next if you may be laid

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Frequently debtors fail to list one or more creditors in their bankruptcy schedules. If the creditor was simply overlooked, the schedules may be amended to add the creditor at any time. However, where

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In re Harris, Case No. 10-61610; In re Williams, Case No. 10-62781 states Child Tax Credits, Earned Income Tax Credits, and Making Work Pay Tax Credits are property of the estate to be treated

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I met today with the most wonderful real estate consultant, Karen Crnkovich.  She gave me some wonderful new ideas for options that my potential clients may have when they are underwater on their