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Washington Mutual shareholders made closing arguments against the company's $7 billion reorganization plan, accusing of insider trading and the negative effect it had on the company's bankruptcy relief efforts.  Shareholders are upset because they will

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It's so ironic that the once-upon-a-time 4th largest investment bank in the country, Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on September 15, 2008 with $639 billion in assets.  They've proposed to pay

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Purchase used vehicles.  Vehicles decline in value the second you drive them off the lot.  Most new vehicles are financed, which means you are upside down in your note the day it rolls

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Don’t buy the biggest house on the block.   Most of my clients paid too much for a house they couldn’t afford a year later.  I advocate that you don’t pay more than twice

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Did you know that the state of Missouri has a wildcard exemption that you can apply to an piece of property you want?  When you file for bankruptcy, you basically dump all of

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Purchase long term disability insurance.  You are twice as likely to become disabled from age 30-65 as you are to die.  Long term disability insurance is almost unheard of for bankruptcy clients.  Some

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Purchase life insurance.  Contrary to bankruptcy myths, most people who file bankruptcy are not bad people.  They would love nothing more than to pay their debts, but sometimes life throws them a curve