The best
advice I ever got when opening my own law firm was, “If you work for someone
else, you will have income security but not job security.  If you work for yourself, you will have job
security but not income security.”  If you
want to open a practice, you have to be realistic and accept that statement as
an absolute truth – or you need to be working for someone else.  One of the best things I did before I hung
out my shingle was to write a three year business plan setting forth how I was
going to grow my business over those first three years.  I knew I couldn’t rent an office and wait for
my phone to ring.  I had to figure out
how to make it ring.  Although none of this
has anything to do with being a “good lawyer” so to speak, it has everything to
do with survival in the business of law. 
You also need to know who you are and who you are not.  I am not a Trial Lawyer.  Don’t want to be and don’t need to be.  I am a Bankruptcy Lawyer.  Stick with what works.  Never be caught without your business card.  I even keep them in my diaper bag so that
when someone asks what I do at the playground or the grocery store, I am able
to get my name in front of them.  I put
my practice area on my business card as well. 
Every time I meet someone at a party, I may not remember their name, but
I might remember that I talked to an estate planner.  A month later when I have a referral, I can’t
figure out to who I should send them to because I can’t remember their
name.  If they had put their practice
area on their card, I might be able to send them business.  My business card has “Bankruptcy Law”
underneath my name so that this never happens to me.  Always remember that this is the business of
law, which means you have to be a businessman first and a lawyer second.  I am a businesswoman – who just happens to be
a bankruptcy lawyer.

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please visit www.abankruptcyfirm.com/ or contact
your local Kansas City Bankruptcy Lawyer, Betsy Lynch, at 816.434.6616.


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