A Step In the Right Direction for the Student Loan Crisis


The Brooklyn Law School is implementing a new policy that is likely going to make law students run in droves to their Admissions Office. What better way to boost enrollment?

The new policy allows for a 15% tuition reimbursement for students unable to find meaningful full time employment within 9 months of graduation. You can read more about the policy here: https://www.brooklaw.edu/newsandevents/news/2015/07-13-2015

This policy will no doubt do a number of things:

(1) increase the pool of applicants to Brooklyns law school;

(2) give the school a vested interest in helping their graduates find sustainable jobs; and

(3) gives the school a competitive advantage over other schools in the country.

Wow! Currently colleges and universities across the country have very little incentive to help graduates find meaningful employment. Policies such as this give them much more skin in the game. If only our United States Congress could implement such a law nationwide, it would undoubtedly change the course of the student loan crisis, not to mention student loan default rates.


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