The More You Know… Social Security

September 23, 2015 Betsy Lynch 0 Comments


Many people don’t know that Social Security doesn’t just pay a worker who’s paid into the system throughout his or her career. It also pays spouses, regardless of whether or not the spouse has accrued enough credits to receive their own Social Security.

As Baby Boomers retire, we see so many Stay At Home Moms coming in for advice on how to care for their lifelong spouse who worked while they cared for children and worked inside the home. They are frequently unaware that upon achieving retirement age, they are entitled to one-half of their spouses accrued benefits. Those benefits can be sizable at times and can help offset the costs associated with Nursing Care and Assisted Living facilities, yet are frequently overlooked by financial professionals.

The benefit amounts may decrease if applied early and can be more if the spouse is deceased. Surviving spousal benefits can often qualify for the full benefit amount of the working spouse and may qualify for more if there are children in the home.

For a calculator to estimate the amount of Social Security to which the working spouse is entitled, please see

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