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According to statistics presented by the Adminsiteative Office of the US Courts, bankruptcy filings are down yet again.

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[caption id="attachment_513" align="alignnone" width="600"] Arrested man in handcuffs holding money[/caption] The Justice Department is implementing new ways to

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Missouri Lawyers Media recently published an article about a case where employers were trying to enforce an arbitration

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Many people don't know that Social Security doesn't just pay a worker who's paid into the system throughout

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    I recently skimmed the below article on the Puerto Rican economy and its need for creditor

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  The Brooklyn Law School is implementing a new policy that is likely going to make law students

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Many people view asset protection in my practice in terms of business structure, bankruptcy, corporate status, and real

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In times of death, I often find myself reflecting on the important things in life - family, friends,

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Elizabeth S. "Betsy" Lynch has been a member of the Kansas City Business Journal's Best of the Bar