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According to statistics presented by the Adminsiteative Office of the US Courts, bankruptcy filings are down yet again. In Jackson County, Missouri, where the heart of Kansas City lives, here were only 2,478

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[caption id="attachment_513" align="alignnone" width="600"] Arrested man in handcuffs holding money[/caption] The Justice Department is implementing new ways to collect and track restitution payments from criminal offenders. This is no small task, as the

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Missouri Lawyers Media recently published an article about a case where employers were trying to enforce an arbitration agreement mandating that an employee dispute be arbitrated instead of litigated. See http://molawyersmedia.com/2016/06/02/employers-lose-motions-to-compel-arbitration-in-two-appellate-decisions/ While Arbitration

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Many people don't know that Social Security doesn't just pay a worker who's paid into the system throughout his or her career. It also pays spouses, regardless of whether or not the spouse

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    I recently skimmed the below article on the Puerto Rican economy and its need for creditor relief in the U.S. bankruptcy court system. http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/07/07/us-puertorico-bankruptcy-idUSKCN0PH0BI20150707   The issue here is really whether or

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  The Brooklyn Law School is implementing a new policy that is likely going to make law students run in droves to their Admissions Office. What better way to boost enrollment? The new

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Many people view asset protection in my practice in terms of business structure, bankruptcy, corporate status, and real estate issues. All too often I see small business owners coming to me for advice

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In times of death, I often find myself reflecting on the important things in life - family, friends, health.  I would like to pretend that financial issues are not important in the grand

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Elizabeth S. "Betsy" Lynch has been a member of the Kansas City Business Journal's Best of the Bar list since 2012. The list has very few business and bankruptcy practitioners and even fewer