Small Business

Small Business

We offer affordable business advice to small businesses. We consider ourselves the premier small business experts in our field and have the business background needed to understand your ultimate goals. We can comprehend effective division of assets and debts upon incorporation, merger, acquisition and dissolution. We have a wide variety of experience to determine what is necessary for you to achieve your most important goals. LS&A can effectively diagnose any business problems you may have and offer you realistic solutions. We empathize with your situation and will never minimize what is happening to you.



  • Options for incorporation status
  • Drafting incorporation and articles governing the business
  • Filing with appropriate Secretary of State
  • Registered Agents



  • Business structure
  • Problem areas
  • Overhead evaluation
  • Marketing strategies
  • Capital Contribution review



  • Necessary Vendors
  • Taxing Authorities
  • Unsecured Creditors
  • Secured Creditors
  • Mechanics Liens
  • SBA Loans



  • Chapter eligibility – 7 vs. 13 vs. 11
  • Drafting petition and schedules
  • Filing case and court hearings
  • Review of personal financial situation to determine liability on business debt



  • Drafting dissolution
  • Filing with appropriate state agencies
  • Noticing to proper parties


Succession Planning

  • Asset Protection
  • Liability Limitation
  • Retirement & Financial Planning
  • Insurance Assessments

Small Business owners should review their businesses at least annually to ensure proper titling of assets, debts, and plans for the future.

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