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You’ve worked incredibly hard to build your business.
I fight to protect what’s most important to you. 

Too often, small business owners face insurmountable challenges and hurdles that require in-depth knowledge of risk mitigation and contract law. Solutions seem unachievable—or even impossible. You may feel too overwhelmed to even know where to begin or uncertain of how to move yourself forward.  

Whether you’re facing the stress of a potential lawsuit, are worried you’ll lose something important to you, are fighting against an organization that refuses to pay money they legally owe, or just don’t know how to get out of a hole you’ve been dug into, I can help you.

I am a champion for people like you, helping navigate the complex legal world that surrounds business ownership.

As your attorney, I am guided by an overriding principle: to take actions that help you and improve your situation. I take the time to listen and ensure I fully understand your circumstances, so I can provide you with the best possible solutions, whether those are risk management tools, estate tools, asset protection tools, litigation or other legal solutions. 

With every option I provide you, I examine how it enables you to achieve your most important goals. I help you address overly complicated situations and clean up the messiness so you can see a clear path forward. 

Owning a business can feel lonely. I’m on your team, to ensure you don’t have to make these tough decisions alone.

Elizabeth S. Lynch (“Betsy”)

Principal Attorney

Shannon Jenkins


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