Recently I had the privilege of hearing NPR’s Political Correspondent, Mara Liasson speak at the United WE “We Work for Change” event. I was a bit apprehensive walking in because I was going alone.

The first handful of people I noticed as a walked in were friends and connections I’d made from my time with the Junior League. I was so relieved to see familiar faces! The networking was great – I made a new friend, chatted with lady lawyers I hadn’t seen in months, and bumped into old colleagues. As fantastic and inspiring a time as the event was, looking back I’m surprised at how much anxiety I had walking into the unknown.

Those moments remind me why it’s important to have empathy for my clients. When they walk through my doors, they are also nervous. They are frequently scared or having anxiety about the unknown. Whether they need a lease reviewed, a contract drafted, or are on the verge of bankruptcy, my job as a lawyer is often to ease those fears and anxiety.

I like to be the smiling group of friends waiting at the top of the stairs to welcome you to the event.