I recently went to the Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks concert at Arrowhead Stadium on a night when the heat index was over 110 degrees.

So what did we do when things heated up? We adjusted our expectations and our approach: Instead of walking, we hitched a ride on a golf cart from our parking spot to the stadium. Instead of tailgating with beer beforehand, I guzzled 3-34 ounce Smart Waters (which were TEN DOLLARS A BOTTLE – ahem, price gouging?). Instead of paying for floor seats, we sat in the nosebleed section catching the breeze. Then we grabbed a Margarita from the concession stand that was frozen SOLID to keep cool during the show (oh so good and barely more than the water cost!).

Just like when your small business runs into problems, I can help you adjust your expectations and develop a new approach. Working with a competent attorney can help you make a game plan for those obstacles standing in the way of your success. Don’t walk through the parking lot of legal issues alone. Let me give you a ride on the golf cart!