I signed up for a 101 class in “How to Pick a High School” for my 5th grade daughter. She has several options, both charter schools and private schools are good in our area. At the same time, it seems a bit early to start thinking about high school when she just turned 11… but I also want to take my time, look at all her options, and make sure we make the decision that’s best for her. So why not be proactive and start evaluating options now?

I didn’t want to make the mistake some of my clients make: some clients wait until the building is on fire before they start addressing their legal problems. If you wait until after a Judgment is entered to call me, your options are more limited than if you’d called me beforehand. If you wait until after you transfer property to call me about what to do with it, it’s more costly and difficult to undo than it would be if you’d called me before the purchase. If you wait until after you’re in a crisis to do some succession planning for your business, it may be too late to address your problems.

Don’t wait! Act NOW. When trying to mitigate risks and legal problems, you can never start too early. Be proactive! It’s easier to protect yourself if you’re armed with knowledge up front. Give me a call.